Tuesday, March 16, 2010

March Madness from a Dog's Perspective

Hey there! It's me, Zeke. Everyone seems to be pretty excited about basketball these days. I have to admit that I like tennis balls much better than basketballs. Have you ever tried to fetch a basketball? It isn't easy. Anyway, I'd like to share my picks for the final four this year. Here are my choices, based on how much I would like to play with the mascots. For the West, I am going with with the Butler Bulldogs. One of my best friends from puppy class, Gracie, is a bulldog. I have to stand by her team. On that same note, I'm choosing Georgetown for the Midwest as they also have a bulldog. Both of these bulldog teams are making me wonder why no NCAA teams have Labs for mascots. I don't get it. I would make a great mascot! Anyway, for the East, I'm going with the Washington Huskies, of course. Does number 11 mean anything to me? No. I'm a dog. I like Huskies. Mommy bought me a new Husky collar and I'm very proud of my team. Last, for the South, I'm picking the Baylor Bears. I've never played with a bear, but since my nickname is Zekie Bear, I'm guessing it must be a good team. Well, that's all for now. Happy March Madness everyone!

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