Monday, November 1, 2010


Had Halloween off last night, which was nice. Halloween is an important holiday in the Newsome household. It was the first time I met Erin. It was at our BYOPP (bring your own pumpkin party). I was a Seahawk and Erin was a Hula Dancer. I'll never forget carving a pumpkin with Erin that night. We picked out a design and I cut open the pumpkin to start scooping out the guts and seeds and to both our surprise the pumpkin was completely empty inside. just a few dry seeds and no guts. The pumpkin had done some sort of weird rotting on the inside thing and the guts were missing. Erin tells me now that at the time she was horrified that she had just met me and the pumpkin she brought was rotting. But what she didn't know at the time, was I thought it was awesome. I mean who wants to scoop pumpkin guts? I knew I had a keeper after that night. I had found a girl who could pick the perfect pumpkin to carve. So lucky.

So every year we bust out the knives and scoopers and get busy on some pumpkins. These are the 2010 entries into the carving creations. Erin did the Meow Meow and I went for the W. Not for the Huskies, because they suck, but for George W. Did anyone else see the heater he threw for a first pitch at the World Series?


Yesterday afternoon I went to the dedication of the memorial for Officer Tim Brenton who was killed last year on Halloween. It was really nice. Great job by the community of Leschi to get it done. They worked hard to get it completed in time for the one year anniversary. Very much appreciated by all SPD I'm sure. The memorial is on the northwest corner of 29 Av and E Yesler Way if you're ever interested in seeing it. I highly recommend that you do.

Since I post on this blog once every 6 months. See everyone in 2011.


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