Thursday, October 29, 2009

Sick Days

This week, Matt's "weekend" fell on Wednesday and Thursday. He spent his days off being so productive - raking all the leaves in our yard, cleaning the gutters, and picking out new lights to be installed in our ceiling. I have spent the last 2 days feeling miserable. I'm not sure exactly what I have, but it has not been fun. It started on Tuesday after school and just kept getting worse. I should have listened to Matt when he told me not to work on Wednesday, but I was so excited about the Kindergarten class I've been teaching all week, that I made myself go in to work anyway. It was probably the worst day subbing I have ever had. My head and whole body ached. As I was teaching the phonics lesson and having the kids read words together as a class, I had to stop a few times and ask them to read the words quietly. Their excited little Kindergarten voices literally made my head pound with each word they read. I came home and went right to bed. I've had a fever, cough, body aches... swine flu? Maybe... It is enough that Matt is not taking chances and has been sleeping in the other room! I don't blame him. I'm probably pretty contagious. Matt has really taken care of me, though. It's pretty sweet. He's been bringing me sparkling water, advil, and my favorite sick day food of all time:

Even though Matt isn't willing to risk the germs he might contract from snuggling with me, I am so glad that I have my little buddy Zeke - the best snuggler. He has been keeping my company and helping my feel better in a way only a little furball can. He nuzzles right up to me and lays his head on my neck. Matt and I call it the fur scarf. It is warm, snuggly, and wonderful. I realize that this is the kind of thing I would think people were crazy for talking about. I mean, really... it's just a dog. But now that Zeke is part of our family, I can't help it. He's the best. I wish everyone could have a snuggle buddy like him.

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Petes Speaks said...

Oh no! I'm so sorry you're sick. Hopefully you're on the mend!