Sunday, November 29, 2009

Here I am...

I know many of the followers of Newsome News have wondered - where is Matt Newsome? His lovely wife, Erin, is always posting and updating the masses on what's new with the Newsome family. I figured it was time for me to break my silence.

Things have been busy for us lately, as you can tell. New house, dog, and job. We are having a great time with all three. The house is a challenge at times, but I'm willing to learn and do whatever needs to be done. So far Erin's dad Rick and I have revented the dryer, sanded and repainted the kitchen cabinets, replaced the kitchen and family room dry wall and installed new lighting. The list goes on.

Ezekiel Newsome, or Zeke is giving us a run for our money. To date, we've lost: 1 MacBook power supply and two iPhone chargers. All three have been plugged in while Zeke attempted to consume them. I guess he likes the taste of electricity?

My job has been great. I just finished my training. I started in February at the Academy and just finished my Field Training with Seattle last week. I am now working at the West Precinct, 3rd watch. My area includes Belltown and Pike Place Market. So far, so good. I really enjoy it.

I'll figure out how post some pictures and videos soon.


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MadTronics said...

I'll be sure to pull a lot of shenanigans in Belltown from now on. Watch out, Officer Newsome!