Saturday, July 16, 2011

Bye-bye old bathroom

Things have been busy in the home renovation department lately. We have demolished our old bathroom and are starting in with the remodel. Matt worked hard to tear out our old tub/shower, the old toilet (that never flushed on the first try), and our lovely old vanity with the peach sparkles. It was a messy process that included discovering 4 different layers of linoleum, pulling out countless nails from the floor, and a trip to the dump. I think Matt may have enjoyed it a little bit. There is something so "manly" about tearing down and destroying things. I admit that I didn't really help much with this part... I was a little scared.

old vanity (it was kind of cute in its own way, but we are ready for a change)

yucky shower and tub
here it is all torn apart!
you can see a few of the different linoleum choices from over the years and also some of the colors the bathroom used to be.
Here is our tile guy, hard at work.
new tub, new tile!
fresh, clean, new shower... I'm so happy!
Next up: installing the shower fixtures, the new flooring, toilet, vanity, beadboard, paint... Ok, we still have lots to do! It is exciting to see it all start to come together, though.

Also, thank you to our parents for letting us use your showers. We appreciate it!

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MadTronics said...

Lovely so far! I can't wait to see it and have a shower party at your house!