Monday, August 31, 2009

Dream Come True

On Saturday Matt and I went to pick out our puppy! We drove down to "just take a look" at some puppies we saw in the classified ads. As soon as we turned into the driveway, a big friendly yellow lab (the dad of the puppies!) came running up to meet our car and wagged his tail as we got out. As we looked over at a pen full of adorable puppy faces, Matt said, "We're getting a puppy today." I could hardly keep in the excitement as we walked over to hold them and play with them. We picked out our little guy, who Matt has affectionately nicknamed Thunderchunk. He is a hefty little puppy. We love him already and it was hard to say goodbye. We can take him home in 2 weeks - by then he will be big enough to leave his mom and we should be all moved in to our new place. We have so much to do before then! Along with moving, we need to get our house ready to share with a wiggly, energetic little ball of fur. Meanwhile, we have some time to think of a name... Until then, I get to think of little Thunderchunk playing with his brothers and sisters, getting ready to come join our family!

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