Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Moving On

You wouldn't know it from walking into our house right now, but we are moving in 2 weeks. Right now, everything looks the same around here, with the exception of a few boxes my friend next door has donated. I think the reason I haven't started packing yet is because I just want to enjoy our place the way it is for a little longer. We've only lived here for one year, but in that time it has become home. It will always be special to us because it was our first place together. We made it through the giant snowstorm this winter and the heat wave this summer. We made it through some great meals like Matt's chicken parmesan and some horrible meals like the tropical shrimp and rice disaster. We've had some really great times here and I am going to miss it...

Things I will miss the most about Tara Townhomes Unit #2:
  • Our fabulous kitchen with all the brand-new appliances that were here when we moved in. I love all the counter space and the little "window" where I can look through to the living room while I'm cooking. I love how it's so pretty and bright on sunny mornings when I'm drinking my coffee and reading the paper.
  • Our pretty hardwood floors. That was the first thing we noticed about this place when we looked at it a year ago. In fact, Matt asked our landlord where he bought the wood because we would love to use the same kind in our new place someday.
  • Not having to worry about a yard/home maintenance. No longer will we have a landlord to call when things aren't working. We actually have to go out and buy a lawn mower for that nice big yard we are so excited about. Let's just say that our new yard has potential, but it needs work to look nice and pretty...
  • Our monthly rent payment. As nice as it will be that the payments we will now make are going toward our own home and not our landlord, I am going to miss the nice, low rent that we have been paying. I know that first mortgage payment is not going to be fun...
Things I am NOT going to miss:
  • Being able to hear our neighbors through the walls...
  • Collecting quarters for laundry and walking down to the end of our townhome complex to get to the washer and dryer.
  • Living in the "not so nice" part of South Everett and our proximity to Casino Road.
  • Vacuuming the stairs.
  • Our neighbor's cigarette smoke smell.
It has been great living here, but we are SO excited to move into our new house!

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