Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Puppy Fever

Daydreaming about getting a puppy has been an ongoing event in the Newsome household. It's one of our favorite things to talk about. What kind of puppy will we get someday? What will we name it? Should we get a boy or girl puppy? It has always been kind of a far-off event in our minds since our townhouse doesn't allow dogs. For Christmas, Matt gave me this book to daydream even more about what kind of dog we should get. After that, it seemed like I had a puppy every week that was going to be the perfect dog. We thought about wiener dogs (like Oscar, Matt's parents' dog) and boston terriers (like Caroline's sweet puppy, Coltrane). Now that we are going to be moving into a house with a nice, big backyard with a fence, we decided maybe we can get a bigger dog. Golden retrievers have always been my favorite, but Matt says they are too furry. I can understand that, I guess. It looks like the dog of our dreams might just be a yellow lab. After all, how could anyone not love a lab? I know we might need to wait a while after we move in and get everything settled, but I am SO excited about getting a puppy - I can hardly wait!

Ahhh... Someday!

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